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  • 6th June 2023

Superhumans are mothers. 

Moms balance and multitask between family and job, and they succeed on a daily basis. Mothers have also dominated social media over the past several years to show how they balance career and family life and encourage the rest of us to do the same. 

For a daily dose of inspiration, follow these Indian mothers on Instagram.

Mitali (@houseofmisu) 


Mitali and Summiyya run the Instagram handle House Of Misu. The pair are social media influencers in the world of fashion and have established a distinct identity. They have an internet presence devoted to all lifestyle information, and they have even been seen online modelling for many different fashion companies. Of the two, primarily Mitali is the mother of Krish Patel, a young child who also goes by the Instagram name @babykrispy.

Ami Desai (@amidesai)

Another renowned mom influencer is Ami Desai, who has a part of her Instagram account dedicated to lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. Her content is very relatable, and it's commendable how she balances her personal and professional lives. Desai, a mother of three, portrays herself as a modern mother who combines her expertise as a makeup artist and motherhood to help others on social media.

Shradha Singh (@shrads)

Social media users like Shraddha Singh, referred to online as Shrads, for her posts and videos. She is the mother of Kiana, frequently referred to as Kiki, a young daughter. Vlogs and posts about parenting, fashion, and beauty can be found in abundance on Shradha’s Instagram account. Even more, she has a unique account for herself and her daughter called @kikiandshrads where she documents the activities of her toddler on a regular basis. Shraddha Singh is a well-known YouTuber who frequently posts videos with her young child.

Smriti Khanna (@smriti_khanna)

One of the most popular Indian mom influencers on social media is Smriti Khanna. She has 1.1 million Instagram followers and often posts pictures of her little daughter Anayka. Her content style reflects her lifestyle, with a focus on parenting, beauty, and fashion. For all the new mothers, Khanna even gives parenting advice and personal experiences.

Roshni Bhatia (@thechiquefactor)

Roshni Bhatia stands out among the stunning parent influencers for her bold sense of style. She is a creator of beauty and fashion material and has a teenage kid. Bhatia's posts typically focus on trying out new groups and promoting brands. She occasionally even shows her son some entertaining videos.

Mili Jhaveri (@biologicalmom)

Mili Jhaveri's Instagram account is entirely dedicated to her experience as a mother, unlike other influencers. She is a mother to Aariv and Alyza, two beautiful children who are frequently highlighted in her postings. Jhaveri hasn't shied away from blogging and talking about stigmatizing themes like postpartum weight gain.

Parul Kakad (@mumbaimummy) 

Supermom Parul Kakad, also known as @mumbaimummy, has four children. She frequently shares anecdotes about her parenting experiences on her Instagram account. She frequently posts pictures of herself and her kids having fun on social media. She is a  businesswoman as well as a content creator.

Chhavi Mittal (@chhavihussein)

Chhavi is a well-known content creator and a mother influencer who has won awards. We greatly admire Chhavi, who has 2.2 million Facebook fans and more than 346k Instagram followers. She creates a lot of stuff for Facebook, which is beneficial to many mothers worldwide. She is not just a skilled influencer but also the co-creator of @shittyideastrending and the founder of "Being Woman."

Yuvika Abrol (@yuvi.says) 

Yuvika Abrol is a brilliant content creator whose fan base is always expanding. Her content primarily focuses on humour, motherhood, and lifestyle. She frequently makes videos with her beautiful child, and they are both wholesome and enjoyable to watch.

Shivangi Goel (@shivangigoel__)

Shivangi is a mother blogger who specializes in writing on parenting, fitness, and healthy living. She is also a qualified Pilates instructor. It's always very simple to connect with and engage with her videos because she makes her content extremely genuine. Her profile is where to go if you want both educational and entertaining information. 


Finally, India's top 10 mom influencers have walked an amazing path from parenting to influence. These extraordinary women have not only accepted the joys and trials of parenthood, but have also used their experiences to empower and inspire others. They have emerged as role models, changing traditional ideals of parenting and leaving an unforgettable mark on the lives of countless individuals through their fascinating content and steadfast dedication. Let us gain inspiration from their stories as we honour their accomplishments and recognise the great potential within every mother to make a lasting difference in the world.  

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