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  • 14th July 2023

You must comprehend the distinction between micro-influencers and macro-influencers before deciding which Instagram influencers to hire for your campaign. Any author with more than 100,000 followers and at least a 3% interaction rate qualifies as a macro-influencer, according to our definition. Macro-influencers frequently hold additional titles like celebrity, TV personality, athlete, or opinion leader in their neighborhood. They can develop a community and follow on social media in a fraction of the time it might take a micro-influencer since they can capitalize on their reputation. Macro-influencers can quickly increase their social media following due to their large fan bases. 

These people frequently have millions of followers, which is common. Followers and partnerships tend to expand steadily for macro-influencers. However, unless they have a different title that makes followers feel they have a genuine relationship with the macro-influencer, we can anticipate lower interaction statistics when compared to micro-influencers. 

Here are some differences between macro influencers and their smaller cohorts, micro-influencers: 

  • Amplified Reach: The main benefit of macro-influencers is the size of their fan base. This makes it easier for you to add more material to Instagram's Explore section, which is ideal for shopper discovery. 
  • Low engagement rates: Macro-influencers may find it extremely difficult to interact with their audience. How on earth can you build relationships with more than 500 people on one thread when these folks are extremely busy and have sizable followings? It won't take place. 
  • The style of content macro influencers create is different: Micro-influencers need to be certain that the tone of their content resonates to their audience sufficiently for them to regularly connect with it. 
  • They are consistent collaborators: Macro-influencers consistently expand their following and perform well. Macro-influencers are typically experts at working with brands through a specific method if you need an influencer.
  • Fake followers: Spambots and fake followers are issues that macro-influencers face more than the usual micro-influencer. As a result, you run the risk of investing money on an influencer who lacks followers who will truly engage with the material they advocate. That is not ideal.
  • Macro influencers take time to work with: On the back end of a macro-influencer's account, a lot happens. Macro-influencers take more time to create content, from photography to content strategy. When it comes time to strike a deal with your macro-influencer, you'll pay a price for this, so be cautious. 

What’s the cost of macro influencers for a campaign?

As previously stated, using macro-influencers is substantially more expensive than using micro-influencers. This price comprises labour, materials, goods, and money. Hiring a macro-influencer is significantly more expensive than hiring a micro-influencer, so don't be shocked by the asking price.

The price of influencer marketing with macro-influencers will depend on a number of aspects, such as: 

  • Hiring a dedicated influencer marketing manager: Macro-influencer recruitment is a full-time job. Have a team member whose sole responsibility it is to find, court, and collaborate with these macro-influencers. Before entering the negotiating stage, there will need to be continuous outreach, scheduling, and communicating with numerous stakeholders.
  • Third party services: Both macro and micro influencers must guard their personal brands, but macro influencers risk their entire careers with each cooperation. Here, you're not merely hiring a macro-influencer. Before realising a profit from their collaboration, a macro-influencer might have to pay a photographer, editor, agent, or agency. Because a brand neglects to account for these expenses while submitting their initial offer, many talks can become drawn out.
  • Content Rights: Will you control the content that your macro-influencer creates? Is there a cost associated with obtaining the rights to this content? So that you are clear on what you must pay, work out every detail of the contract. Even after accepting an initial proposal, the brand and the macro-influencer would still need to haggle in order for the business to obtain content rights. The relationship at this point gets more time- and money-consuming. However, by utilising an influencer marketing agency, you may put an end to these macro-influencer difficulties.

What are the Pros of using macro influencers in your influencer marketing campaigns: 

  • More reach: Compared to micro-influencers, macro-influencers typically have a wider audience. Their subscriber base serves as the cornerstone for this wide-ranging influence. Having an extensive following on Instagram can help you appear on the discovery page, show up in someone's feed, get your material shared, and feature in the top nine posts when someone searches for hashtags. 
  • Driving quick sales: Even if partnering with a macro-influencer who additionally holds another position can be a great method to boost sales, influencer marketing is never certain. However, since you'll also need assistance from your product, sales, logistics, and e-commerce teams, this requires more resources than just your influencer marketing team. What company in 2019 nailed this? FashionNova. The fast-fashion e-commerce startup collaborated with micro- and macro-influencers, such as the legendary rapper and superstar Cardi B. 
  • They can be key opinion leaders: Utilising a KEY OPINION LEADER can provide your product instant momentum and credibility. Using a key opinion leader is a common influencer marketing strategy for goods that are expensive, pertain to your health, or deal with sensitive subjects. By collaborating with a significant thought leader, the brand can demonstrate its legitimacy and ability to deliver on its promises. The important opinion leader will utilise their understanding of their audience's power and leverage to support their high collaboration price, which could come at a hefty cost.  


Using macro-influencer marketing is frequently a terrific concept if your objective is to reach out to many individuals and raise your brand exposure. As was already stated, macro-influencers can quickly and widely contact a large number of people. If you wish to work with just one powerful influencer, you could pick a macro-influencer. Larger influencers are also fantastic for products with broad appeal. 

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