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  • 12th March 2024

Challenge : 

Red Bull wanted to connect with its target audience by creating a lifestyle that resonated with their high energy and rebellious spirit. For this, they hired a group of brand ambassadors. 

How did it work : 



It wasn’t an average group of brand ambassadors. They were handpicked from college campuses known for being trendsetters, organizers, and trusted voices. This created an instant layer of trust and authenticity. The wings team didn’t rely on conventional tactics rather, they participated in unique product demonstration designs to evoke such feelings about the brand. These weren't just giveaways, they were memorable experiences like booster seats (leaving Red Bull cans under chairs) and surprise Red Bull crates filled with free Red Bull cans. 



Result :

The Red Bull Wings team program was a success. Students became fans of Red Bull’s adventurous lifestyle that they represented. This showed that marketing can be more than just selling a product, it can be about creating a community and lifestyle.

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