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  • 6th July 2023

In 2022, the industry for influencer marketing was worth $16.4 billion. However, they projected that by 2028, the market for influencer marketing platforms would be worth $84.89 billion worldwide. Therefore, it should not be surprising that marketers would jointly spend over $4.5 billion on influencers by the year 2023. It's critical to pay attention to these influencer marketing trends for 2023 so you're concentrating attention and adding dollars on the appropriate items as popularity, demand, and marketing spend for influencer marketing rise.

A greater emphasis on following preferred creators across multiple platforms:  Even though many authors have a preferred social network, most use a variety of them. Although this is nothing new, the current situation is that these creators have "super fans" who engage with them everywhere they go. This indicates that popular producers frequently have sizable fans who connect naturally across their profiles. They aren't just YouTubers or Instagrammers, for instance. Instead, they consider themselves to be specialized creators who showcase their work to online admirers. Additionally, they frequently choose the finest platform for the job.
In other words, even though they will have a variety of social media platforms for various uses, they are all a part of a bigger total.

Influencers will dominate affiliate programs: 

Influencer marketing and affiliate marketing have been separated for a while, but as time goes on, their connections grow stronger. Bloggers and publishers used to make up the majority of affiliates. To boost their chances of earning a sale, they would post information like product demos, reviews, or walkthroughs on their separate websites, frequently next to competing goods.In 2023, it has gained traction and is being driven by brands who want to pay influencers based on their performance. On social media platforms, influencers have started to use video content to promote brands. In order to receive a fee from each transaction, they encourage their millions of followers to buy their recommended products by clicking on their links.


Authenticity and transparency in campaigns will become critical: 

Customers are tired of seeing influencer marketing strategies that are not honest or genuine. As a result of consumers being able to see right through it, marketing campaigns may be less effective. Since followers are more likely to believe their advice and be impacted by it when it is genuine and transparent, authenticity and transparency are crucial for influencer marketing to develop credibility and trust. In an active environment, it might be useful to elevate and distinguish an influencer. More than 80% of UK consumers of fashion and leisure products responded that authenticity and trust are key considerations when deciding whether to follow an influencer. Additionally, a number of nations have laws requiring the disclosure of sponsored content to viewers. For example, the FTC in the USA mandates the labelling of sponsored content. Consumer criticism from influencers who choose not to disclose their relationships with brands can be detrimental to both the brand and the influencer.

Podcasts take center stage: 

We believe it's reasonable to assume that the majority of us imagine a family huddled around a radio, listening to the local news station. For 2023, this is not the case. Podcasts are a revolutionary kind of audio programming. The popularity of audio content is growing, which has surprised many. This is a well-known influencer trend, with well-known creators offering intriguing podcasts made available on platforms like Spotify and Amazon. On their usual runs or errands, many social media users would rather listen to podcasts than music. Multi-host, interview, and round table formats are some of the most widely used podcast formats. By including advertisements during each podcast episode, influencers monetise their content. As part of their influencer marketing plan, brands can get in touch with these influencers to ask them to promote their goods. By 2023, there will be over 160 million people listening to podcasts, according to Statistics, proving that this trend is here to stay.

Video consumption will skyrocket: 

One of the most popular ways for people to consume information is through video content. Through 5G and fiber internet, the increase in global capacity has aided in this. Users may now make and watch video content at the touch of a button thanks to websites like TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, and social networking apps like Instagram Reels and Snapchat Stories, among many others. G2 Crowd estimates that social media video generates over 1200% more shares than text, image, and video content all together. This illustrates the larger audience that video material now reaches. Social commerce will open new sponsorship opportunities:  Social commerce combines e-commerce and social media. It uses social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat to reach consumers with messages about its products and services. On the site where they are published, customers can directly buy and sell things. Around 6 billion people will be active social media users worldwide in 2027. An average user spends about two hours each day reading across these networks, according to Statista. This massive social commerce makes more sense now than ever before when viewed in terms of numbers. This is the same reason links to products are included in Facebook advertising and Instagram sponsored posts. Future trends include the rise of live shopping in Western nations and the creation of shoppable posts and videos by content producers that encourage a seamless user experience from influencer content to brand channels. Shoppable posts are already being utilised on social media sites.
Along with these shoppable postings, live stream selling will become more participatory. Live streaming, which is already enormously popular in China, is only going to become more so since it enables businesses to work with influencers and provides customers with sales touch points via the chat window or the screen.

Data will play a key in decision making:  

You may invest your money wisely by using a data-driven influencer marketing strategy. ROI becomes more important as your influencer marketing budget grows. Additionally, you run the danger of wasting your money if you cannot track this ROI. Additionally, with the phase-out of third-party cookies in 2023, first-party data will become crucial in influencer marketing. First-party data is information that influencers and brands independently obtain from your audience. This will enable businesses and influencers to develop campaigns with more effect. You can segment influencer accounts based on their followers or loyalty groups with the use of contemporary data analytics tools. The similar approach may be used to locate audience niches on social media, after which you can work with influencers who are well-liked by those groups. You may significantly increase the return on your influencer marketing investment by limiting your audience based on data. The success of influencer marketing depends on accurately predicting and monitoring your return on investment and planning for the future. The majority of brands ultimately want to see tangible sales outcomes, and the only way to do this is with data. By 2023, this will be a much more prevalent trend.


Long term relationships with Influencers will become essential: 

As the number and variety of influencers on the market continue to grow, marketers will choose to create continuing partnerships to maintain the consistency of their campaigns. Long-term relationships foster the growth of sponsored content for influencers and their audiences, increasing the recall value of such material. Stronger ties with influencers are necessary to gain results from your creative marketing because it takes people 5 to 7 interactions before they make a purchase. The audience can relate to each of the posts that the influencers write over a longer period of time. Let's also assume that an influencer has a personal stake in the success of the brand. In that circumstance, they are more likely to produce sincere content that interacts with their audience naturally and has a greater ability to draw customers to the company. It can be challenging to establish long-lasting connections with influencers because it takes much more than just paying them for their assistance. It is crucial to give them the proper amount of creative freedom and support them as they produce content that appeals to their audience.


Employees as influencers will be a great choice: 

An emerging trend in influencer marketing appears to be employee influencers. Your staff members are already interested in and knowledgeable about the goods and services you provide. Compared to any third party outside of your firm, their online postings are significantly more trustworthy. However, employees' sincerity is what gives them more clout when endorsing firm services. They must always give the public the full picture and be extremely critical of what the company provides. These ads could harm your brand and lead to a loss of confidence if this integrity is violated. The greatest way to leverage staff members as influencers is to produce internal content that includes them endorsing your goods and services. They can also discuss their daily activities, the work environment at your organization, or a behind-the-scenes look at how their preferred goods or services you provide are made.



Influencers use Call-to-Action, Video Creation, Collaborations and several others methods but we need to remember one thing that these influencers are consumers too. They very wisely use their following on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest. The consumers today are educated and are aware about the products that they purchase. Hence they want honest and genuine opinions about the products that they are seeing or services they want. 

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