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  • 13th March 2024

Challenge :

To dive back confidence in Indians about stepping out from their home without the constant fear of not-so-reputed protective gear and, at the same time, educate people about the correct way of wearing masks in India. They wanted to utilize influencer-driven conversations towards spreading awareness about Wildcraft Masks via TikTok before the ban in India.



Strategy :



The #HainTiyaarHum campaign launched with a brand film before Unlock 1.0, aiming to mentally prepare people to step out safely. 40 macro and nano influencers joined the movement, grooving to the #HainTaiyaarHum dance while wearing a custom Wildcraft Supermask Filter. They encouraged the audience to participate and spread awareness boosting mask education.



Results : 

The campaign gained immense engagement, driving the conversation about mask-wearing and Wildcraft Supermasks. It empowered people to step out confidently, knowing they were protected.

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