137 k
Total Plays
83 k
Accounts Reached
No. of Influencers
80 k
Budget Allotted
47 k
Budget Spent

Client approached us with a unique objective - to promote Iron Man Day at their café. They were keen on collaborating with social media influencers who create content on superheroes to tap into their existing fan base. However, we suggested a more inclusive approach - to educate everyone about superheroes and the upcoming event. To our delight, the client was on board with our idea, and we set out to create a powerful campaign.

To ensure the success of the campaign, we handpicked six influencers based on our metrics. These individuals had a strong following on social media and were known for their expertise on all things superhero. The campaign was a resounding success, garnering an overwhelming response not just on social media, but also in the café.

By educating the public about superheroes, we were able to create an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation for the upcoming Iron Man Day event. Our approach not only attracted fans but also drew in people who were not necessarily familiar with the superhero genre, resulting in a significant increase in footfall.

Overall, the success of the campaign can be attributed to our inclusive approach and the careful selection of influencers who shared our vision. We are proud to have contributed to the client's success and look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.

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