1. Why should I nominate myself? 
    • Networking Opportunities: Being associated with the award opens up opportunities to connect with other influential individuals in your industry. Networking can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and new projects.
    • Increased Visibility: The award can significantly boost your visibility within your niche and beyond. This heightened visibility can attract new followers, subscribers, clients, or business opportunities.
    • Industry Recognition: The Oregano Influencer Award is likely associated with a specific industry or niche. Winning demonstrates that your contributions are acknowledged and valued within that particular community.
  2. Who can benefit from this event? 
    • Influencers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking recognition and opportunities in their respective industries can benefit from the Oregano Influencer Award 2023.
  3. Under how many categories can I register under? 
    • Influencers can register under multiple categories for the Oregano Influencer Award 2023, but each entry requires a separate registration form. 
  4. What are the important dates? 
    • Early Bird Deadline: January 20, 2023 
    • Last Date for Entry Submission: 23th March 2023 
    • Jury Meet: April, 2023
    • Shortlist Announcement: April, 2023
    • Awards Night: April , 2023
  5. What are the eligibility requirements? 
    • The Instagram account of every influencer should be public and active. You must fall under the criteria for followership under which you are willing to register.  
  6. Is there a fee for submitting entries? 
    • Yes, there is a fee for submitting the registration which is mentioned on the form. 
  7. Why should I pay for attending this award show? 
    • Paying for the award show supports event logistics, judging processes, and overall organisation, ensuring a high-quality and well-executed experience. It also contributes to the credibility of the awards, attracting serious contenders and providing a platform for recognition and networking that can significantly benefit your career or influence. 
  8. On what basis will I be judged? 
    • Shortlisting Round: Influencers nominated for the "Oregano Influencer Awards" undergo initial shortlisting based on community engagement and support. Nominees share their nominations on social media, with likes on the posts serving as a key metric for community backing. Emphasis is on ethical engagement, discouraging the use of unethical methods for boosting engagement.
    • Top 5 Selection: The top 5 influencers in each category with the highest engagement proceed to the final round. This stage highlights community involvement and celebrates influencers with genuine support from their audience.
    • Jury Round: The final round involves a comprehensive evaluation by an expert panel. Criteria include innovation, quality, virality, creativity, and a thorough analysis of each nominee. The jury assigns scores based on performance in each criterion, ensuring a fair and well-rounded assessment of influencers' impact and contributions.


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