1. Emerging Influencers

  • Definition: Influencers who are rising stars in their respective niches, showing promising growth and potential impact.
  • Criteria: Typically, these influencers have a smaller but dedicated following and are making notable strides in content creation.

2. Challenger Influencers

  • Definition: Influencers who have established a solid presence and are actively challenging norms and trends in their content domain.
  • Criteria: They possess a growing audience and consistently deliver innovative and engaging content.

3. Mega Influencers

  • Definition: Influencers who have achieved significant reach, influence, and impact within their niche.
  • Criteria: They usually have a large and engaged audience, with their content having a substantial impact on trends and conversations.



Food Influencers (Emerging/ Challenger/ Mega)
Recognizing influencers who excel in creating engaging and impactful content related to food, culinary experiences, and gastronomy.

Fashion and Beauty Influencers (Emerging/ Challenger/ Mega)
Celebrating influencers who showcase creativity and trends in the realms of fashion and beauty, influencing style choices and preferences.

Travel and Adventure Influencers (Emerging/ Challenger/ Mega)
Honoring influencers who inspire wanderlust and adventure, sharing captivating travel experiences and destinations.

Home and Lifestyle Influencers (Emerging/ Challenger/ Mega)
Recognizing influencers who curate content around home decor, lifestyle, and the art of creating a beautiful living space.

Fitness Influencers (Emerging/ Challenger/ Mega)
Highlighting influencers dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle, fitness routines, and overall well-being.

Tech Influencers (Emerging/ Challenger/ Mega)
Acknowledging influencers who delve into the world of technology, gadgets, and innovations, providing insights and reviews.

Parenting Influencers (Emerging/ Challenger/ Mega)
Celebrating influencers who share parenting journeys, advice, and insights, catering to a diverse audience of parents.

Comic Influencers (Emerging/ Challenger/ Mega)
Recognizing influencers who bring humor and entertainment through comedic content, making audiences laugh and engage.



1. Best Male Influencer
Awarded to the male influencer who has demonstrated outstanding creativity, impact, and innovation in his content.

2. Best Female Influencer
Awarded to the female influencer who has shown exceptional prowess and influence in her content creation.


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